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Apr 27, 2021

Rest in Peace, wherever you may be – Choosing between burial or cremation


“So what’s better – Burial or Cremation”?

Well, there’s no easy answer. It’s a very individual decision and reasons for choosing one or the other vary from family to family. It could be about religious beliefs, perhaps cost is a factor, maybe it’s a joint agreement between spouses to be together in their final resting place. Whatever the reason there are certainly some important things to consider. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both.

“Is burial the right choice for me”?

For some people the choice is easy. It may be that burial is required by your religion or family tradition, some believe it to be a more natural option. Choosing burial does provide a gravesite for family and friends to visit but with families being more spread out across the country and world these days this is not always practical for everybody. Eco burials are becoming more popular where the casket used is biodegradable or the deceased is wrapped in a shroud and placed in the plot. This can be seen as a positive for those looking for an environmentally friendly option. However, burial is generally more expensive than cremation as there is the need to purchase a burial plot or mausoleum from the cemetery as well as a digging fee.

“Or do I want to be cremated”

Cremation has become more popular in recent times, due to cost and the fact that New Zealand is fast running out of space in it’s cemeteries. There are many religions however that completely ban cremation due to traditions around death and laying loved ones to rest. For some, the idea of ‘burning’ their loved one is unsettling while others feel it a far better option than ‘decomposing’. Choosing cremation means that loved ones are left with ashes. Many families decide on a special place to scatter these, others like to keep them at home or split them between family members. There are a wide choice or urns to keep and display ashes in and cremation jewelry is fast becoming popular.

Since the choice is completely personal it’s important to talk to your loved ones about your decision so they aren’t left to decide, wondering if they’re doing the right thing. It’s a great first step in planning your funeral and an easy way to lead into further conversations about your end of life celebration.

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