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Create a meaningful goodbye that builds meaning and lasting memories from grief

here are a few things to consider when planning your loved one’s funeral. Because Davis Funerals has been caring for New Zealanders for generations, we’ll help you through the process and provide you with all the information you need.

Location and venue

Wherever you’d like to farewell your loved one across Auckland, we have locations to suit. To help choose the best venue, think about:

  • How far friends and family will need to travel
  • Religious and cultural significance of the funeral
  • Any requests your loved one made

We’d be happy to talk through your ideas, whether you’d like a chapel (we have three to choose from), a small intimate service in South Auckland or something different, like a sports club, at home or at a cemetery or crematorium chapel.

Caskets and urns

Davis Funerals offers a wide range of caskets and urns for you to choose from. All our caskets are solid timber and eco-friendly and can be personalised by printing directly onto the timber.

Caskets and urns

Burial or cremation?

A personal choice, your loved one may have let you know if they wish to be buried or cremated. A burial means you’ll have a permanent place to visit and the ability to create a lasting memorial to your loved one. With cremation you’ll need to decide on a resting place for your loved one’s ashes. Or you can talk to us about other options, including burial at sea.

Legally, burials need to be in officially-designated cemeteries and plots are available across Auckland in local authority and privately-owned cemeteries. A plot will need to be bought, and a fee paid for digging the grave. We can help you buy a plot (or double plots, if needed) and assist you with arranging a headstone or plaque to mark your loved one’s grave.

With cremation, there are many options for a final resting place: ashes can be scattered, buried, kept or divided among family and friends. If you choose cremation, please think about what you’d like to happen with the ashes – this can be a difficult decision to make after the funeral. We can also help you to arrange a memorial.

Our state-of-the-art crematorium is fully owned by us, allowing us to care for you and your loved one through the entire funeral process. It’s been sourced from a US company with a strong environmental focus, so we can provide more environmentally-friendly cremations. We also offer a unique eco-friendly urn to return your loved one’s ashes in.

Other choices

Minister or celebrant?

Although clergy or celebrants often lead funeral services, this is entirely up to you. We can provide a suitable celebrant, if you like. Or you could ask a family member or friend.

Embalming and caring for your loved one

We offer the option of embalming to ensure that you’ll have a safe, positive experience when viewing your loved one. Because the care of your loved one is so important to us, embalming is carried out by our qualified professionals at our own facilities.


Pallbearers will carry your loved one’s casket in or out of the funeral venue. You can ask family, friends or members of service clubs to help with this role.

Make a beautiful final journey

Our fleet includes a custom-built Cadillac Premier hearse. This state-of-the-art vehicle was built in America by Eagle Coach Company who are known for building the highest quality hearses in the industry.

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Davis 1

Helping navigate
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“Irene, words are not enough to express our heartfelt gratitude. I don’t know how I could have got through this without Davis’ love, care and expertise. The day was perfect.”

Alison Morgan

West Auckland

“I just wanted to say again how much I appreciated your care of Bob and the family at the funeral on Friday. Martin, your care and the way you dealt with us was appreciated.”

Paul Holmes

Mt Eden

“At times of grief it’s reassuring to have a great company looking after you, and we really appreciate Davis and in particular your invaluable help Shane – thanks!”

Ange Foote

“Thanks again Dani for your wonderful support, understanding and efficiency in making it a special send off for dad.”

Lynne Robertson

“Thank you to everyone at Davis Funerals. Wayne’s service was amazing, we had 300 people in the Panmure Yacht Club. So many people commented on the ashes in the scatter tubes and the service sheets.”

Liz Fong

“Thank you for the amazing people you have working at Davis Funeral parlour. I’m so grateful for everything that was done for Keith. I would recommend Davis Funeral parlour to all my Whanau and friends.”

Melanie Harvey

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for making Betty’s funeral so kind, warm and special. You made what is a sad occasion better in every possible way. I cannot thank you enough.”

Christine Hazleman

“As family of the deceased we only get one chance to do things right and the importance of trust in the funeral director to guide us in the right direction is paramount. Our grateful thanks to Shane.”