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Nov 8, 2018

Davis is proud of Troy Rehua


Troy becomes qualified

The funeral industry has always worked slightly differently when it comes to becoming a fully qualified member of staff. In any other profession, you would do your University training first and then go on to find a job.

The same rules don’t apply within the funeral industry. To get into the industry, you have to find a firm that’s willing to give you on the job training. This is easier said than done in an industry that is small, jobs don’t become available often. It makes competition for roles high and those that end up making it into the industry do spend countless hours gaining experience in order to be allowed to go on one of the funeral courses.

Seeing it as a calling, Troy Rehau, started with Davis Funerals at the young age of 17. Starting out as a Funeral Director’s Assistant, he impressed early on and later became the Workshop Manager for Davis. He decided that he wanted to be more involved in the funeral process and applied for the role of Embalmer at when it became available.

Having seen how committed Troy was, the decision was made to allow him to move to the mortuary. A few years on from that they, we are overjoyed to announce that Troy has completed his embalming training. Officially he will be welcomed into the qualified embalming community in March, after his graduating ceremony. Troy will join in the legacy of professionals who have cared for deceased with dignity, respect and honour before him.

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