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May 6, 2024

Davis Funeral Care: Deepening the Bond with Music and Community in Auckland


Davis Funerals in New Zealand, known for its deep commitment to the community and the arts, recently marked a significant milestone in its ongoing partnership with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. On October 9th, at the enchanting event at St. Lukes Presbyterian Church in Remuera, Davis Funerals not only sponsored a mesmerizing performance by the “Queen of Harps” but also made a heartfelt announcement that resonated deeply with the audience.

An Evening of Musical Enchantment and Significant Announcements

The concert, held at the picturesque St. Lukes Presbyterian Church, was more than just an evening of music; it was a celebration of life, art, and the unifying power of music. The performance by the “Queen of Harps” was met with appreciation and admiration, offering the audience a moment of tranquillity and reflection. But the highlight of the evening was the keynote address by a representative from Davis Funerals, who shared an exciting development in their partnership with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

Celebrating 13 Years of Partnership and Looking Forward

Mike Powell the Davis Funeral General Manger was greeted with rapturous applause from the packed church, as he confirmed the extension of their sponsorship with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra for a further year, marking the 13th year of this fruitful partnership. This extension is a testament to Davis Funerals’ unwavering commitment to enriching the community through music. It also ensures the continuation of the beloved “In Your Neighbourhood” series and other community-oriented programmes that have brought classical music into the hearts and lives of Auckland’s residents.

The ‘In Your Neighbourhood’ Series: A Symbol of Community Engagement

The ‘In Your Neighbourhood’ series, a cornerstone of the partnership between Davis Funerals and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, has been pivotal in making high-quality classical music accessible to a wider audience. These performances, held in various neighbourhoods, underscore the ethos of Davis Funerals – to provide solace, joy, and a sense of connection, particularly during challenging times.

Music as a Healing Force

Understanding that music can be a powerful medium for healing and comfort, Davis Funerals supports these musical initiatives as part of their holistic approach to caring for the community. The melodies and harmonies of classical music offer more than entertainment; they bring peace, comfort, and a sense of communal healing, aligning with Davis Funerals’ mission to support individuals and families in their most challenging moments.

Gratitude and Invitation to the Community

Davis Funerals extends heartfelt gratitude to the community for their continued support and for joining them in these musical journeys. They see their role not just as funeral service providers but as active contributors to the community’s cultural and emotional well-being.


As Davis Funerals looks forward to more years of partnership with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, they invite the community of Auckland to join them in experiencing the transformative power of music. This commitment to supporting the arts, particularly music, is an integral part of their dedication to caring for families and individuals in their times of need. To learn more about their upcoming events and services, visit Davis Funerals, and become part of a community where compassion, culture, and care harmoniously intertwine.

St Lukes- https://stlukes.org.nz/events/

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