Before the funeral

Share your stories so we can create the perfect goodbye

When we meet, we’ll talk about all aspects of the funeral process. But it won’t just be about logistics. By sharing stories about your loved one, we can help you create a personalised goodbye.

Planning your loved one's funeral

Your funeral director will arrange everything for you to ensure your loved one’s funeral runs smoothly. This means you have time to focus on more important things, like spending time with family and friends and looking after yourself. We can also arrange for you to meet with clergy or the celebrant, so you can share stories and help them create a highly personalised funeral service.

By having a look at our planning guide, you’ll be able to think about some options and provide a few details before we meet.

We also offer a free guide to planning and selecting music, poetry and readings, which includes ideas for a beautiful and meaningful funeral. Ask your funeral director for a copy.

View our pre-planning guide
Before the Funeral Embalming


We offer the option of embalming to ensure that you’ll have a safe, positive experience when viewing your loved one. The care of your loved one is so important to us; embalming at Davis Funerals is carried out under the supervision of our qualified professionals at our own facilities. We can help you choose the level of care best suited to your needs. If the funeral is very soon after death (1-2 days), you may choose not to embalm. However, any longer than this, and we suggest embalming.

Why choose embalming?

  • If there’s a long period of time between your loved one passing and their funeral.
  • To allow family and friends who are travelling from far away to say goodbye.
  • To allow for a more informal goodbye with family and friends over time.
  • If you’re having an open casket funeral.

We handle the whole process with utmost respect

Traditionally, New Zealanders choose to embalm their loved one because it allows them and their family and friends to have a good experience when spending time with their loved one. We can even show you how to care for your loved one yourself at home. For more information about the embalming process, visit the New Zealand Embalmers Association website.

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Spending time with your loved one

Once your loved one has come into our care, you’re welcome to spend time with them. For some people, this is an important way to grieve and help them come to terms with their loss. For others, it can be a chance to express some of their emotions and feelings. Or it can simply be a time of final farewell.

Spending time with someone who has died can be important for children and teenagers too. Seeing the deceased can help them to understand death better, making it easier for them to cope with the sometimes scary idea of burial or cremation. We have private viewing rooms available to you at all of our branches. You’re also able to have your loved one taken home to spend the last few days prior to the funeral in their own surroundings.

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Environmentally-considered funerals

We can offer a full eco-friendly funeral if you and your family are environmentally conscious. Our decision to exclusively offer caskets made from sustainable materials underpins our commitment to the environment.

kamilla andersson
Kamilla Andersson
"I just wanted to thank you personally for the patience and care you showed our mum and family at such a sad time. I truly felt supported and was thrilled with the beautiful send-off we shared with mum"
Wally Mearns
"On behalf of the Mearns family, I wish to convey our grateful thanks to Davis Funeral Services for your most professional and caring service you provided during the recent death of my Wife Shirley"
Errol Farrington
"I must thank all at Davis Funerals for the professionalism shown to us throughout the whole venture. We were really impressed with the warmth and friendliness shown to us."
The Philson Family
"We so appreciated all the care you took of us over a difficult time. You went above and beyond for us. We felt so well looked after and you made the process so much more personal"
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